Sri Sandeep – An Astrologer Par Excellence

Your Path Is Illuminated by a road-map of stars.I am here to guide you.”!!!

Sri Sandeep – Who Am I ?

Sri Sandeep is an expert astrologer who has gained immense popularity among people of all age group.Astrology is a pseudoscience which helps in predicting the future possibilities relating to a person by studying the movements of celestial objects.There are various solutions in astrology to get rid of the malefic effects of a certain planet on you.

Sri Sandeep has helped people of all age group-children,youth and old age people in solving their various issue whether it is business related, domestic issues , health problem etc.SriSandeep offers very simple solutions to his clients which are very easy to proceed with.

Sri sandeep is having clients all over the world including India.He has dealt with problems of indians staying in Singapore and they are very satisfied and surprised that how simple astrological tips changed their lives.Similarly he sorted out complexities of people staying in Hongkong,Australia,Thailand,Dubai,etc.

Sri Sandeep Report Includes :

  • Career Forecasting
  • Health Report
  • Vaastu Report
  • Numerology Report-Which number & name suits you/
  • Partner Relationship Report
  • Child special Report
  • Financial Report
  • Raj yoga Report
  • All In One Report

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Mr Christopher LeClerc – Denmark

Colour Therapy Given By Sri Sandeep is just Life changing.I cannot believe that his small tips changed my life so much.I will highly recommend Career Report if any one is facing confusion in his career.Thank you Sri Sandeep for your consultation.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mrs Ritu Agarwal – Mumbai

I met Sri Sandeep while travelling to Mumbai in Kolkata- Mumbai Flight.I was very much depressed from my Marriage Life and asked for consultation from him.After getting my birth details he gave me few vaastu tips for Bedroom and Living room.I also got a Marriage report from him with remedies to get back my marriage life on track.After following his advice and remedies for 1 month,the magic started.I am giving this review after 6 months and now touch wood i don’t remember when i had last fight with my husband.Thanku you Sri Sandeep for Everything.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Mr Ashok Lahoti – Singapore

Sri Sandeep is a very simple and lively personality.I met him in singapore through my friend.My main reason of consultation with him was my indifference with my son.There is hardly anygood time me and my son had together.We always finish with fight.I got a child special report from Sri Sandeep including remedies.Apart from astrology he also gave me few tricks to build a strong relationship with my son.I am very much satisfied from his report.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Mrs Swati kapoor – Hyderabad

My friend referred me to take consulation from Sri Sandeep as i was going through health problem from past 3 yrs.I did’t had any major disease but i was having small health issues one by one coming to me.I never met him.I contacted him online and i got a health report in my mailbox with remedies to prevent further issues.I never met him but i want to say thanku Sri Sandeep for your magical remedies.Your report is just worth it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mr Amit Sachdeva – Patna

Sri Sandeep is just amazing Astrologer.I had a consultation with him in his kolkata office regarding my business.My business started having downfall and and i had to face financial problem.He gave me unique remedies along with report.And believe me it works.I will highly recommend Sri Sandeep if you have any problem in your life.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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11 thoughts on “Sri Sandeep – An Astrologer Par Excellence

  1. Your Article online was very helpul.I was confused in the beginning but finally i decided to go through your reports as i was very much troubled in life.Your reports were really surprising predicting my secret nature and solved my problems.Thanks a lot.


  2. I met Sandeepji through fb. I had some problem which I told him. He easily agreed to solve the problem. He is highly knowledged and thorough gentleman.


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