Share Market is Boon Or Curse for You-Analyse your Birth Chart

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We all know that in today’s generation everyone wants to invest so that they can earn money either in the form of equity market or fixed income or in some other form.But most of the person prefer to invest in equity market which means higher gain at higher risk.

But many times we have to suffer a huge loss from this Share Market without giving any profit.Because sometimes there are some circumstances which we cannot ignore.So before investing in Share Market please go through your birth chart to find out,whether you will gain or incur huge loss after taking risk.

Lets understand this scenario with the help of Warren Buffet’s Birth chart.

Horoscope Of Warren Buffet

See above there is Warren Buffet’s Horoscope .We all know at present, he is the Share Market Leader.How he achieved tremendous success in share market?

Firstly, the most important house to be observed for share market is the 5th House.Lord of 5th house must be strong to gain from share market.Apart from 5 th House, 11th House,2nd house,9th house and 10 th House also plays vital role to gain from share market.

Following are few combinations of planets:

  • 5th lord in own house/exalted position.
  • 5th lord in 11th house and 11th lord in 5 th house.
  • 5 th lord in any kendra/trikon and aspecting its own house.
  • strong 10th lord.
  • strong 11th lord.
  • 5th lord in 10th house and 10th house lord in 5th house.
  • 5th lord in 9th house and 9th house lord in 5th house.
  • 5th lord in 2nd house and 2nd house lord in 5th house.

Now we can have a look on warren Buffet Kundli:

Strong 10th house lord-10th house lord is the mid-heaven.Strong 10th house gives huge success in career.Sun sitting in 10th house is in its own house.Sun gets directional strength in 10th house and gives Fame,name and makes one famous.And thus warren Buffet not only gained from share market but also became famous worldwide.

Strong 11th house lord-Strong 11th house lord can give gain from share market.In Warren Buffet kundli,Mercury is sitting in its own house virgo with its close friend venus,thus becoming more strong.Mercury and venus together giving huge gain from share market.

Now coming to 5th house,jupiter sitting with Mars.Mars is the Lord of Lagna and thus supporting Jupiter for share market investment.

Overall,there are many yogas in Warren Buffet Kundli to make him a successfull Investor.

Before Investing in Share market you must consult with Astrologer to find out whether you should invest or not.Otherwise you may suffer huge loss.

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