Are you Born To Be A Sportsperson?Do Your Planets Support You?

“Your Path Is Illuminated By A Road Map Of Stars,I am Here To Guide You”.-Sri Sandeep

Everyone living on this planet Earth want to get fame in his/her field,but not all are lucky so much to earn fame, success & become famous.In very field whether it is Sports,Acting,politics,business etc there are individuals who have achieved huge success,but also there are many who were not able to achieve what they desired.After putting our 100% efforts we are still not able to do what we want.What is the reason behind this?

When we were in our childhood days,we always dreamt of becoming what we desired.Some wanted to become a doctor,others engineer ,some pilots etc.Many boys dream of becoming a cricketer in their teenage.But very few have the guts to go in sports field.They quit their dream of becoming a sportman like Sachin,Messi,Ronaldo or virat because it is too risky to abandon their study and only depend on sports for livlihood.

If you are Interested in any sort of sports and are passionate enough to struggle for your dreams you must first go through your birthchart to find out whether planets are supporting your career or not.

Mars is the most important planet to be observed in birthchart to be a sportsman.Because only Mars can give that stamina which is required to be a sportsman.You should be physically sound and only Mars can give that fitness.

Next,comes your 3rd House.3rd house is the house of courage.Without strong 3rd house you cannot get that courage and spirit to play the Game.

Next,6th house plays the role to make you win against competitors.

Now i am going to explain you by the horoscope of virat kohli(Cricketer) that how they became most popular Sportsperson.

Horoscope of Virat Kohli

According to the Birth chart,we see that Mars is the lord of 5th house sitting in friendly sign of Jupiter.Mars is also getting aspected by moon another friend of Mars thus becoming stronger.Thus giving the required stamina to virat to stay fit and healthy.

Now coming to 3rd house of Virat,we see that Rahu is sitting in Aquarius.Aquarius is friendly sign of Rahu as saturn is friend to Rahu.Thus Rahu making 3rd house very strong.On the other hand,Saturn is aspecting its 3rd house/own house from 1st house,thus giving more courage and energy to Virat.

Few Other Yogas Are Present In Virat’s Kundli which are supporting his stardom:

*Laxmi Yoga-Forming by mutual aspect of Mars and Moon in 4th and 10th house.

*Dharam Karmadhipati Yoga- Forming in 11th house with Sun(9th house lord) and Mercury(10th house lord) sitting together in 11th house.

*Parivartan Raj Yoga- Forming between 10th house lord and 11th house lord.

Thus we see that virat’s birth chart is in full suport of his career.Without favourable planets,you may not may not achieve what you desire.Favourable planets helps you in your struggling days by pushing you forward instead of accepting failure.

Consult to know which career suits you the most.

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