Are you the magnet who attracts Money ??

Hello Everyone,

As we all know that in this entire genetic world,if anyone asks someone that how a person’s traits and attributes can be evaluated??

So what will be the exact answer,it depends on the key elements of that specific person like his/her skills,mental ability,education etc whether he/she is involved in business or job.

This world is prodigious and have a huge population,all are staying in the different parts of the world according to their cozy.Suppose if we go and evaluate the skills/IQ of each and every individual to their residence,we can find out the percentage of their ability.From Their we will find out that different people have different skills & Perception which means people may have nailing skill but do u think that they are achieving their pleasure level? It is happening because of whatever written by god for us according to our karma.

Not every Individual is blessed with high Intellectual power and strong skills,very few are capable to reach to the position of Entrepreneurs,Chairman,CEO and other reputable position.Yes its true that they all are hard-working,but apart from being hard-working you must have a strong birth chart that gurantees your bright future.

So this karma reflect in our Birth Chart…………

Today i will let you know how Sundar Pichai became the most powerful CEO of Google.

Trump meets Sundar Pichai - The Hindu

Horoscope of Sundar Pichai

As stated in the Birth Chart of Mr. Sundar Pichai,he is having pisces Ascendant with Ascendant lord Jupiter Sitting in 10th house in its own sign Forming Hans Yoga. Thus making the 10th house-mid heaven very strong. 10th House gives fame to the individual.

3rd House becoming powerful with saturn and venus yoga forming in Taurus.Thus 3rd house giving high grasping power to Sunder Pichai.Strong Memory power with sharp brain-U cannot take it lightly.

Coming to 5th house,moon is sitting in own house thus blessing him with high Education. Beautiful Laxmi yoga is formed in Libra thus making him financially strong for life.9th lord Mars sitting in 5th house is itself a poweful yoga.

Mercury the prince among all planets blessing sunder pichai with high intellectual power and making him genius in coding.Mercury is aspected by Rahu,thus expanding mercury’s dimension.

Sun and Jupiter sitting in Kendra and aspecting each other making kendra houses 4th and 10th strong.

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