Still In Search Of Something After Getting All Precious Stuff.

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The topic which we are discussing today relates to youth as well as old aged people.

Dont you think the life is like a puzzle Game?If one part of the Puzzle is missing than the puzzle is deemed to be incomplete….When we are young we aim to achieve success,fame and money,which we may get by struggling and doing hard work in our life.But their are some parts of puzzle of life which we cannot after after struggling.We get all that by luck and blessings from God.These are our parents,our life partner,children and other family members.After attaining our young age,we all wish to get a life partner which can make our life heaven.But it all depends on our Horoscope,what type of partner we will get.These are things beyond our control and are written by God.

Jennifer Lopez is one of those who achieved everything in her life fame,name and stardom but was never satisfied or stable in her marriage life.Lets have a look on her Horoscope to find out.

Horoscope of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lynn Muniz(born on july 24,1969) is an American actress,dancer,businesswoman and singer.Jennifer was very much passionate for dancing and singing since her chilhood.In a television program Living Color she started her career as Fly Girl.Her first recognized break was as a leading role in the biography of “Selena”.For her fascinating performance in “Selena” she bagged the ALMA award and Golden Globe Nomination.She also acted in Hit film “Anaconda” and added to her popularity.Jennifer won second ALMA award for her outstanding performance in “Out of sight”.After this achievement she beacme the highest paid Latin American actress.

Observing her Birth Chart, She is having Libra Ascendant with venus sitting in 8th house of secrets in his own sign Taurus.This means she is a very secretive person.No one knows what she is about to do.Being Libra Ascendant jennifer is free-minded,she loves art and crafts,loves outdoor parties,maintains a good balance in her personal and professional life.

Next coming to 2nd house,Mars is the lord of 2nd house sitting with moon in scorpio.Moon is watery sign thus making jennifer emotional by nature.Moon is debilitated in scorpio and mars is sitting in its own sign

Two Yogas forming in 2nd House:

*Laxmi Yoga-moon and mars sitting together in 2nd house making jennifer very strong financially.

*Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga- moon in debilitated position sitting with mars in its own sign,thus forming neech bhanga raj yoga.This yoga can bestow individual with huge fortune.

2nd house is also the house of communication thus making J.Lo a versatile singer.She is not only a great actress but also a versatile singer.

Benevolent Jupiter being lord of 3rd and 6th house sitting in 12th house,thus forming vipreet rajyoga.This yoga giving J.LO success in adverse situation as well.Making her famous in foreign Countries as well.Her stardom is not limited to America but she is famous worldwide.

Coming to 4th house, saturn being the 4th house lord sitting in debilitated position in Aries in 7th house.Saturn’s position in 7th house is not good for J.lo regarding her marriage Life.She will never be satisfied from her married life.We all know that she had 3 divorce(Ojani Noa(1997-1998),Cris Judd (2001-2003), Marc Anthony(2004-2014)).At present she is engaged with Alex Rodriguez(2017…).She is having twin sons from Marc Anthony.Her marriage life was never stable.

Sun and Mercury conjuction in cancer in 10th house of her Horoscope giving her fame worldwide.Sun gets directional strength in 10th house and becoming dominant planet in her horoscope and blessing her to shine like sun on this earth.

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