“Expectations” from someone is poisonous


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As we know in this Cosmos, life has many realty. But still we are ignoring the reality of life..Everyone has expectation from their children,spouse,family or friends and if they cannot come up with that expectation than we get hurted.Why this is happening? This is so because sometimes it depends on the situation,suppose you are very much fond of Omega watch & eager to take only that,so you are going to shop and their you ask for the omega brand’s watch but for any reason you could’nt find it but because of requirement or in need of watch you purchased the another brand’s watch without pleasure it.You expected Omega from that Shopkeeper but the shopkeeper cannot meet your expectations and so u became sad.

We all know that it is not neccessary that your desires will be accomplished by someone.But still we keep on expecting small or big from someone.If we have a look in our own family,we see that parents are always having high expectations from their children regarding their career.As soon as the child is born,parents starts to fantasize that their child will be a doctor or engineer or pilot or any other profession.But what if the child wants to be a singer after growing up??Here the real problem of this word “expectation” arises.Without knowing a child’s desires or ambitions how can u decide what he will be in future.Because of this “expectation” pressure,your child cannot do what he desires and as a result he will be a failure in his career.He may succeed but with no pleasure.

We all know Kangana Ranaut,the famous and beautiful Bollywood Actress.He has won 3 National Awards and four Filmfare Awards.He has also been awarded Padma shri Award by our Indian Government.Kangana was born on 23 March 1987 in Bhambla,a very small town in Himachal Pradesh.Kangana’s early life was not so easy.His parents always termed her as “unwanted girl child’.Her parents had a baby boy who died just 10 days from his birth.After that they gave birth to Rangoli,kangana’s elder sister,her parents were very happy.After Kangana’s birth,her parents could not digest or accept the second girl child in their family.Kangana was bought up with the “unwanted” tag on herself.

Kangana’s parents always wanted her to becaome a doctor.But kangana wish to do do something different.To achieve her goals,she ran from her home at the age of 15-16 yrs.And what she is at present,we all know.

Horoscope Of Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut Solar Chart

As we can see in Kangana Ranaut’s Solar chart, exalted venus in 1st house giving her everything what is required to be in this glamour world.Venus is the main representative of luxury life and Bollywood’s Glamour world.Sun sitting with venus in its friendly sign Pisces,thus giving more strength and will power to the lady.She is very stubborn and ambitious lady.She is outspoken,she never hides anything inside herself.She is fearless and reveals the truth without thinking of outcome.

2nd House lord Mars sitting in 10th house in its friendly sign saggitarius.Mars in 10th house is itself very strong pushing her career to soaring heights.Mars presence in 10th house makes her strong enough to achieve her dreams on her own struggle without any support.

Coming to 5th House,we can see that moon is sitting its own sign cancer.She is very intellectual person and can make take her own decision without depending on others.One more thing to be noticed in Mars position is that,Mars being 11th and 9th lord sitting in 10th house is itself very auspicious yoga.

1st and 10th lord,Benevolent Jupiter sitting in 12th house makes her very spiritual.Spirituality will play a major role in shaping her career and will also give her enough strength in hard times.


Note:- Consult to know which Profession suits your child

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