Numbers Can Change Your Life Graph

In this generation we all are trying to do work in a systematic manner either it is in Banks,schools or Offices or any other places.
So sometimes we dont wish to follow systematic process but we have to.You dont think that sometimes without pleasure we have to act as a robot at many places??

But remember there is hardly any woking place where it is possible to work without numbers.Even the computers uses binary numbers 0 and 1 to function.Without numbers we all are zero,which is also a number invented by Aryabhatta,the great Indian Mathematician.

Connection Between Astrology and Numerology

Astrology itself is based on mathematical calculations,taking degrees in account of finding conjunction strength.Again Numerology takes into account 1-12 houses and 12 zodiac signs.Astrology helps to know the impact of celestial bodies on a particular individual taking into account its birth time and date of birth.On the other hand,Numerology describes the traits and personality of an individual taking into consideration his/her date of birth to find out a number which influences the individual’s life.Each number produces its own vibration and frequency.When a child is born,the doctor first notes down her/his date of birth and time of birth,which is also numbers.The name given to the child also has a number of its own.So we see that each and every individual on this earth is directly or indirectly connected to numbers.

Numbers And Planets Connection

Numerology,predictive study of numbers relating to a person.In research it is found that written records of Numerology was first found in Egypt.But now Numerology is famous and practised all around the world.If we study the Yantras relating to planets we can find that these yantras are combination of numbers from(1-9).These numbers have a great impact on our personal, professional life and other fields.This all happens because of the vibrations created by the numbers.Each number have it’s own vibrations.Shankha Shastra and Anka Shastra describes Numerology.In Astro-Numerology each celestial Body has been assigned a particular number.Let’s know them:

  1. SUN
  2. MOON
  4. EARTH
  6. VENUS
  9. MARS

When a pilot tries to connect to airport while taking off plane,he has to match that particular frequency to have a connection to airport.If he connect to any other frequency he cannot have a proper communication.Same is the case when we are listening music on radio.We cannot connect to a particular channel without switching to its frequency.When that prticular frequency is matched than only we can enjoy song.Similarly each number has its own vibrations and frequency.

When we use the date from the date of birth. i.e 06 from the dob:06/07/1990 than we can find out the Psychic Number of an individual.Psychic Number help us to judge relations with friends,relatives and spouse etc.

When we find out number using full date of birth i.e 06/07/1990 we will get the destiny or Life Path number of that person.Destiny Number or Life Path Number can be used to take decision regarding professional life, or taking financial decision.

Next we came across number which is found out by totalling the numbers of the Name of an individual given by parents.Each Alphabet has its own numbers,and we can found out Soul Number.Soul Number can give information regarding nature,characteristics,personality and traits of an Individual.

Psychic Number of Most Successful Businessman:

  • Laxmi Mittal 15/06/1950 – Number 6
  • Paul Gardner Allen 21/01/1953 – Number 3
  • Mukesh Ambani 19/04 /1957 – Number 1
  • Bill Gates 28/10/1955 – Number 1

Alphabet Numerology of Famous Brands:

  • WALMART-Number 3
  • GOOGLE-Number 1
  • IBM-Number 7
  • Microsoft -Number 3

Bollywood Celebrities Alphabet Numerology

  • AISHWARYA-Number 6
  • PRIYANKA – Number 5
  • AKSHAY-Number 2

Celebrities Life Path Numbers:

  • KIM KARDASHIAN- Number 4
  • ANGELINA JOLIE- Number 5
  • DAVID BECKHAM- Number 11

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