Is Their Any Luck Behind Hard Work To Rule The Nation

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Life is a jumble word game,dont know where it will push us but everyone has a wish to dominate the world just like the slogan of Dhiru Bhai Ambani(Father of Mukesh & Anil Ambani)

“Kar Lo Duniya Muthi May””

Am i right??

Sometimes a thought strike our mind that we are not a puppet who will work according to others.”We have own destiny”.

In our childhood days,we always dream of achieving something big in our life.But later when we grow up,due to certain circumstances our dream changes.

One who is topper in the class,according to his/her interest opted for science to clear the exam of National Eligibility Entrance Test(NEET) or IIT but due to bad luck she did not clear the examination after many attempts.

So do you think that only hard work matters,then why all people dont reach to their destination after give their 100% efforts.

Powerful Leaders Who Ruled Nation

Barack Obama

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Barack Hussein Obama is an American Politician born and raised in Hawaii.He was the first African-American President of U.S.He served as the 44th President of U.S from 2009-2017.

“I am not opposed to all wars.I’m opposed to dumb wars”-Barack Obama

Becoming the President of most poweful country is not so easy.You must be special child of God to have this power in your hand.Let’s see what planets reveal about Obama:

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Looking on its Birth chart,we see that Ascendant Lord Saturn is sitting in its own house,forming powerful shasha Yoga.Saturn plays key role in Masses and Administration.Thus becoming the most strong pillar in shaping his career in politics.Without strong saturn one cannot climb the stairs in politics.

Secondly,we see that moon being 7th house lord is exalted in 5th house.Thus giving him fame and name in politics.Moon represent mind which is very helful in decision making.A great leader has to take big decisions for his nation and for that he must have a sharp mind.

Sun and Mercury sitting together in 7th house and aspecting Ascendant making him more strong,intellectual and enhancing his leadership qualities.

Narendra Damodardas Modi

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Born on 17 sep 1950 in Gujarati Family in Vadnagar of Gujrati,Narendra Modi is the current Prime Minister of India.Without any God Father he reached to the position of Prime Minister Of India.From running Tea Stalls in Gujrat to serving the whole Nation,there must be something special in his Natal chart which changed his fortune.Lets know the alignments of planets which made him the king of India.

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Modi is born in Scorpio Ascendant who are born courageous and are always ready to take challenges in their life.We can see Mars sitting in his own sign Scorpio with Dibhilitated Moon thus forming powerful Neechabhanga Rajyoga in Ascendant itself.Moon is the lord of 9th House of fortune.

Secondly,we see that Saturn and Venus combination in 10th house.Saturn rules masses and thus is very important in political career sitting with 7th lord venus.Jupiter is also aspecting his 10th house from sitting in 4th house.

11th house also plays very important role in political career as this house is the house of achievements in Astrology.10th lord sun sitting in 11th house with Mercury(11th house lord) giving strength to 11th house.

Vladimir Putin

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Born on 7th oct,1952 in st. petersburg,Vladimir Putin is the current President of Russia.He also served Russia as Prime Minister before.His father  Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin,was a factory foreman.He was bought up in a communal apartment,where several families stayed with him.

Lets have a look on his Birth Chart to find out speciality in his birth chart.

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Blessed with powerful Malavya Raj Yoga in Ascendant,vladimir Punit is surrounded by luxury in his life.Blesses Native with fame,name and wealth.1st house plays important role in political career.Strong 1st house gives will power and confidence in oneself.

Rahu present in 4th house in its friendly sign Aquarius,gives manipulative qualities which are very much required in today’s politics.Without manipulative qualities one cannot succeed in politics.Rahu gives cleverness to native.Rahu is also aspecting 10th House from its position.

We can see a parivartan Rajyoga in between 3rd house and 7th house,between Mars and Jupiter.3rd house relates to masses,strong 3rd house makes Putin to rule Russia again and again as prime minister and president also.

Thus we see that Ascendant,3rd House and 11th house plays Important House in political career whereas SATURN,SUN,JUPITER,MARS AND RAHU acts as key planets in shaping career in Astrology.

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