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In this 21st Century, whatever we are thinking for taking strong decisions it comes out from our mind, if our inner power is weak then our whole life will be hell because our whole body functions by our mind & mind is connected with the inner power like in internet.For running internet what we do? We choose best Internet Service provider (ISP)to boost our internet speed.

So everyone knows that in our body there are two types of minds:-


2. Sub Conscious

We all knows that subconscoius mind is not involved in logical decision but when we think about conscious mind which helps us to think in a logical way.Suppose a person is sitting in the office & is thinking to start a new business in a massive way after a lot of research on it but he has short of fund to expand this new business but for that he has to take high risk by taking loan from bank.

Here comes the Question that how he can take risk??

He can only take high risk & good decisions only by having strong base which means Willpower.Will power is the strength of our mind to take strong decisions.

We all are blessed with Will power.Some are having more, some are having less Will Power.Some times in our Life we come across such circumstances,which disturbs our Mind and attacks our Will Power.After which our will power gets weaken.

“Never give in,never give in,never,never,never,never-in-nothing,great or small,large or petty-never give in except to convinctions of honour and good sense.”-Winston Churchill

“Where the willingness is great,the difficulties cannot be great.”-Niccolo Machiavelli.”

Let us see how strong is the will power of Lionel messie-

Ruling planet of Mind is Moon,we can see that Moon is the lord of 3rd House of Courage and sitting in 1st House.Moon is exalted in 1st House in Taurus.This shows High strength and Determintion of mind.Whatever he wants to achieve in life,his full focus is on his goal.No one can obstruct him from his goal.

Secondly,we see that Venus is the Ruler of Ascendant and thus sitting in its own House Forming beautiful Mallavya Yog giving high will power and charismatic Personality.Venus sitting here gives magnetic personality with strong willed person.Venus also blessing him with Luxury Lifestyle.

Mercury sitting in Own House with Sun gifting him with High intellectual brain.You need both Will power and High Intellectual mind to win the game.

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