Do Colours Play Any Role In Your Life ?

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So where Do we live ?

We live on the earth which along with other planets revolve around sun.Which means all living beings on the earth are effected by the movements of other celestial bodies.Each planet has its own characteristics to present themselves & each planet has its own colour and nature.Now u can understand that why we are attracted towards colour.

Suppose When it’s time for shopping and we are in a Shopping Mall you choose from a wide range of colourful Shirts or Tshirts after trying several times in changing room which colours suits you and then you finalise it.Same with Ladies,whether it is purse or sandal or dresses we choose according to our personality which one will suit us.when you are going to attend the parties & u dont have anything nice to wear then what you will do?you will go to the market & you will buy some new clothes,shoes etc according to your colour preference.Colours are parts of our life.If colours doesn’t matter,why would we give so much time in choosing the colours for us.We come across many colours in our day to day life whether staying at home or going for work out.Colours influence us in many way-some colours have positive impact on us and some have bad impact.Without colours our life become so lifeless and joyless.

Gifting a colourful bouquet to your loved ones on their Birthdays or Anniversary brings a surprise smile on their face which is the most precious gift you can have.Watching a Rainbow in rainy season makes your kids so exited and joyfull.

In Hindu Mythology,we give very much importance to certain colours.Red and Yellow is the colour for any marriage rituals or any worship related task.We first prefer to wear red or yellow in all our pooja’s may be on Diwali or Holi or any small pooja at home.Similarly we see that Red Thread is tied on right hand(male) and Left hand(female) whenever we do religious ceremonies in our home.

Conclusion:-That is why when we are born on the earth from that birth time planets exist in our life.With help of Astrology we find out the position of planets in our Horoscope.And accordingly we take action to make planets happy and wish they give good impact in our life.

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