Saturn-The Game Changer

Saturn doesn’t ask us to give up our dreams,only to make them real”.

-Steven Forrest

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Saturn the most fiery and most frightening planet in Astrology.Saturn the second largest planet in solar system plays the main role in bringing obstacles and fricton in our life.Saturn can be termed as the teacher in the classroom who is very strict in maintaining discipline in the class.Saturn-The Disciplinarian, as a teacher wants us to pass the exam with our hardwork and enormous efforts.Everything should be in proper order and structure.Saturn reminds us of our responsibilities and commitment.The fiery planet wants us to be in our boundaries and not to cross our limits in life.

Again we can term Saturn as “Lord Of Karma”.Lord of Karma never fails in doing Justice towards good and evil deeds.Saturn is the only planet in Astrology who never lets your deeds to go in Vain whether it is good deeds or bad deeds.For your each deed,saturn will pay you.So be prepared to get what you have done in this birth and your previous birth in Saturn’s Major Period.Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac sign and exalted in Libra at 21st degree and debilitated in Aries at 20th degree.

But remember one thing,Saturn is the Game Changer.It can make a king equal to servant and a servant equal to King.Saturn only demands hard work and want you to know the value of Time.Yes,Time!!!Saturn will never give you success in one day,one week or one year.No,you have to be very very patience.Saturn is the Master in delaying things beyond usual timeframe.This in turn makes one hopeless towards life.But as i told you he is the planet of Justice,your hard work will never go in vain.

“Saturn Delays, But Never Denies” !!!

Yes, You read it right.Saturn will never deny anything in your life.It can delay your marriage,career,progeny or anything,but will never deny it.Opposite to Jupiter,who blesses you smoothly in field where it is sitting and aspecting,Saturn delays where it is sitting and aspecting.You have to put extra hard work and efforts and go through obstacles in fields where saturn is related to achieve Mastery in those fields.

Saturn-The Late Bloomer.You must have heard the story of The Tortoise and hare in your childhood.The Hare started the race with full zeal and passion but he lacked the staying power in the race,which Tortoise had.This is what exactly Saturn wants from you.Don’t get distracted from your goal,have that staying power and patience,and you will achive what is impossible in life.

For Consultation With Sri Sandeep Watsapp No- +91 9883940983

Email Id –

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