Adviser Of Gods – Jupiter

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we keep on learning new skills throughout our life to develop ourself to achieve our goals.Our life is also like a Earth which keeps on rotating.In search of learning new things and skills we keep on moving throughout our life.It teaches us that whatever we are in our life we are because of our skills and we have to keep on improving & developing our skills forever in our life.Suppose you bought a seed from market to reap a mango tree & you dig for mango tree in your area.Now we have to take proper care of the seed until it turn out to be a mango tree.Daily watering,sufficient sunlight,fertilizers etc care has to be taken for seed to grow out to be a mango tree.It all depends on the caretaker/gardner of the seed.

Similarly in life,we need a perfect Mentor(Teacher) since childhood who supports us and guides us from our very beginning stage and we need a mentor throughout our life to pass all the obstacles in our life.Everyone knows that jupiter acts as a mentor of all divinity forces which rules dharma.We can say that jupiter is the ‘Advisor of all Gods’.

Jupiter is the most benevolent and largest planet in the solar system.It is the planet of prosperity,growth,expansion and good fortune.Jupiter is exalted in cancer and debilitated in capricorn.All religious and law related issues are also represented by jupiter.Jupiter if in good position in chart bestows you with good fortune and luck.Higher learning and law also comes under jupiter’s origin.

Let’s have a look on priyanka chopra’s horoscope whose life changed just after the beginning of jupiter’s major period-

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is priyanka-chopra-birth-chart.jpg

Priyanka chopra was not a big name before she entered hollywood.After the beginning of Jupiter Major period in 2010 her career changed totally.Jupiter is sitting in her 7th house and is lord of 9th house of fortune and 12th house of foreign land.She got international recognition through Quantico serial and started working in hollywood.She met her prince charming during this period and got married to him .12th lord jupiter in 7th house gave her husband of foreign nationality.

During Jupiter-ketu period she started earning in foreign land.Ketu in exalted position supported her career in foreign countries.

Currently she is running through jupiter-venus period and venus is in good position in her chart.Thus this period is also very good for chopra.

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