When Will You Have Your Own Dream House??-Sri Sandeep

Everyone knows in life that after completing our studies we have to either involve in business or job or choose any other career.We choose any career in our life,but everyone has this small wish in his/her heart to buy their own perfect house.Some are capable of easily fulfilling their wish but some has to struggle their whole life for purchasing a dream house.

There is one adage that when the lion became the king of jungle,the lion baby learnt something from this world that without having the power the other living beings will recapture my kingdom.I think you have understood my word so it is very important for everyone in his/her life to be in a powerful state.

Whatever we want we do it in our life,we work and we enjoy with our familiy & friends but again their is some emptyness left in our life,to fulfill our dream of buying our own house.For individuals who don’t have their forefather’s house,it becomes very tough to live in a rented house throughout their life.Because paying rent every month from their salary or business profit is a huge burden for them.

The fourth house represents mental peace,home environment,assets,mother, self and ancestral properties, our happiness etc.Most inportant it is the house of assets.

There are few yogas relating to 4th house which shows assets in your life:

->If the 4th house lord is placed is exalted the native gets the comfort of owning land, vehicles and houses etc.

->If mercury is in courage house i.e 3rd house and fourth house lord is well positioned than person will get a beautiful house.

->If any exalted planet is sitting in 4th house than that planet can also give assets/houses to the native.

->The Major period of Mars, Venus, Jupiter promises to give native assets.

->If the fourth house lord is placed in the friendly sign, or in exaltation state or it is in his own house in navansha or lagna chart or both.

->f the fourth house lord is in conjunction with Mars or Saturn or Venus then also native may be blessed with a beautiful house.

->Exalted Venus in 4th house blesses native with lavish houses.

->->If the lord of the fourth house is with Ascendant lord and placed in benefic houses then the person is the owner of many houses in his/her life.

Example of Conditions in the Horoscope for buying a House, or assets apart from 4th house.

“If a native’s 2nd house and 11th house is in good position then the native will have a very high earning and will be wealthy but if his/her 4th house lord is not in good position then he/she faces obstacles in constructing or buying his/her own house and other assets.”

Secondly “If we see whose 2nd and 11th houses lord are not in good position i.e. the native doesn’t have good income and not wealthy but if his/her 4th house is very good and 4th lord is strong then too the native has big houses and sometimes even lavish houses and vehicles.”

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