Unemployment-A crisis For Youth

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In India and all over the world,there are highly talented and intelligent people,but are still unemployed from long time.According to a survey,it was conducted that all over the world % of youth unemployment is highest as compared to adult unemployment.

Due to this unemployment situation our youth are constantly under depression and they are losing their charm and charisma.Regular flow of income is must to lead a happy life without which our life becomes miserable.

According to astrological point of view,long-term employment enters your life due to a series of conditions one after other.

When you have a weak or afflicted career house i.e 10th house,1st house,3rd house,6th house,7th house one may face unemployment.

Few combinations in Astrology that can lead to long-term unemployment:-

* Saturn’s position in your Horoscope is weak or it is debilitated.

* 10 House or 10th House lord is under malefic affliction.

*Any dosha formed in 10th house like Guru Chandal Dosha , Vish Dosha etc will never give satisfying career.

*Apart from 10th house, 6th house is also related to your working environment.Weak 6th house can can make your working environment sluggish.

*1st house of your horoscope gives you will power and confidence to do work or struggle in life.Strong 1st house will never let you lose the race.

*7th house and 3rd house is related to your business.Any malefic affliction or combination related to these house will give obstacles in your business life.

*5th lord and 12th lord also brings unemployment in certain cases as they are 8th and 3rd from 10th house


Website:- https://srisandeepastro.com/

Contact No:- +91 7976308580

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